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Everyone lives like that, You're not the only one having a hard time.
I think these words are the worst way to comfort someone. Rather than comparing the person with someone else while you're comforting him or her, i think it's better to just talk about him or her. I mean, whenever someone had a hard times, most people will say to get out of the all negativity thought and quickly do what they have to do. Actually that person (who are having a hard times) know it too and want to do that much but they just can't.

I learned a lot about depression and mental illness last quarter 💔
Depression is a real issue. Depression is a serious matter. The pain is insane. The feeling of falling off the edge to the endless darkness is not something other people could understand (even some people said they faced the situation before)

Everyone you meet in your life is fighting a battle you know nothing about. People tend to hide their depression and cover it with their smile, a fake smile. We will never know behind the story. Let's all appreciate every people around us before it's too late. Here i want to highlight that depression is real, treating people nicely is important and we should look out on each other more often.

Life is not a joke. Mental health is not a joke. Just because someone appears to have everything or appears to be happy, doesn't mean that they are fine.Please be kind. Be there when your family and friends need someone to talk to.

Love yourself love myself.

                                                                                                                                  love, nanad 👧💜

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